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T012. Oxyfuel and plasma and laser CNC cutting selection.
Q: What is the main difference of plasma cnc cutting and Oxyfuel / flame cnc cutting and laser cutting, and how to select cutting ways?

In the metal sheet and pipe cutting, Three of the heat cnc cutting methods are plasma cutting, OxyFuel / flame cutting and laser cutting. and there are many things to consider before deciding on which method to choose.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Oxyfuel / Flame CNC Cutting

Laser CNC cutting

The first thing is the type of material you need to cut. Plasma cutting is suited well for the electrically-conductive metals like steel and aluminum, and it can cut metals up to 50mm. Oxyfuel / flame cutting is used for cutting iron-containing, or ferrous, steel up to 600mm even more, but cannot be used to cut metals like stainless steel or aluminum. Laser have similar cutting materials with plasma, but thickness not more than 20mm.

Second thing to is the productivity. plasma cutter and laser cutter doesn't require preheating, while an oxyfuel cutter does, which increases the downtime before starting the process. Generally plasma cutter and laser cutter is more faster.

Third thing is cutting result and precision. Plasma and oxyfuel cutting kerf is 1-3mm, and the less cutting speed, the more heat deformation. Laser cutting kerf  less than 1mm and heat deformation less, generallly Laser is more precise.

There is also the other versatility of each cutting method to consider in the battle of oxyfuel flame cutting versus plasma and laser cnc cutting. but one thing remains true--each system has many advantages that can work in your facility.

CNC CUTTER LIMITED, a certified integrator for AutoCAD, FASTCAM and MICROSTEP etc, has several plasma oxyfuel / flame cnc cutting machine available in our shop for purchase and customization. Our company prides itself on innovation, and our team can build a customized workwell CNC plasma oxyfuel / flame cutter system to meet all your company needs.

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