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T011. What is oxyfuel flame cutting

What is cnc Oxy Fuel / flame and How Does it Work?

Oxy fuel cutting is a process which has been around for over 100 years. However, it's still widely utilized today, and it's still a very important aspect and technology of many industries. 

What is Oxy Fuel and How Does it Work?

Oxy fuel cutting use a combination of fuel gases and oxygen to cut metals. A variety of different fuels may be utilized, although the most common is acetylene. Other gases utilized include natural gas, propane, hydrogen,  propylene, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), and combinations of these gases.

Oxy-fuel cutting begins by using a torch to heat a metal to its kindling temperature. This is the lowest temperature at which the metal in question will spontaneously ignite. At this point, a stream of oxygen is trained onto the metal, in turn burning it into a metal oxide.

This new metal oxide then flows out and away from the intact material being utilized. Any leftover slag can be wiped or tapped away. It's actually the heat produced by the metal oxide and its contact with the rest of the material which actively continues the cutting process. The torch itself only heats the metal to begin the process.

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