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T002: What is right gas flow?
What is right gas flow?

Working gas includes cutting gas and process gas, some equipment require arcing gas.
We need to choose proper gas according to material, thickness and cutting mode.
Cutting gas should not only assure the formation of plasma arc jet, but also blow off dross and oxide in the kerf.
Too large air flow will take away more arc energy, which will shorten jet length and reduce cutting ability and cause not stability of the arc. Too small air flow will weaken straightness of plasma arc and thus reduce the cutting depth, cause dross. So, air flow should coordinate with cutting current.
Present plasma power source apply air pressure to control air flow,because when diameter of cutting nozzle is fixed, air flow depends on air pressure. To cut certain thickness, we need to choose proper air pressure according to datas provided by suppliers(Plasma generator/source).
Usual working gas including: oxygen ,nitrogen, hydrogen, argon or air and H35 mixed gas of argon nitrogen and so on.
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