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What is cnc plasma and flame cutter?

    What is cnc plasma and flame cutter?

    What is a plasma cutter? Plasma cutting machine refers to the high-voltage arc generated by the machine plasma power supply, instantly break through the workpiece, and then blow away the slag through high-pressure air, the formation of cutting mouth surface, the numerical control system controls when the plasma cutting power arc, along what route cutting, etc., and finally completed the drawing of graphics cutting. Machine plasma cutting power supply depending on the thickness of the cutting workpiece to select the power of the power supply. The greater the power, the higher the price of the plasma cutter.

    The flame numerical cutting machine refers to the flame cutting gun fixed any structure of the CNC cutting machine, through the numerical control system to control the direction of the cutting gun, when to "drop the knife", along what route cutting, etc. , and finally complete the drawing of graphic cutting. Flame fuel is available with industrial oxygen in combination with acetylene or propane. The more high purity, users selected more.
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