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Plasma cutting machine arcing methods

Plasma cutting machine arcing methods

    Plasma cutting machine arcing methods are mainly high-frequency arcing and high-voltage arcing two ways.

    The general domestic plasma cutting machine is basically high-frequency arcing, plasma cutting machine in small power manual cutting is basically contact cutting (small power refers to the output current below 100A), the torch nozzle is close to the cutting of the cutting on the workpiece. The model of plasma cutting machine above 100A (the output current is more than 100A, including 100A) is non-contact cutting, that is, the cut nozzle leaves the workpiece 5 to 8mm cutting, and the contact cutting in the arc ingemifies of  high frequency interference is smaller than the non-contact cutting.

    Inverter plasma due to technology is the limitation of accessories materials, are basically 100A below (including 100A) plasma-based; of course, some manufacturers produce inverter 120A, 160A plasma, but in fact, in the actual use process, these products are still very immature, there are many problems, so generally to 100A below the inverter cutting machine, mainly 40A, 60A (63A) and so on, there are a small number of A20, A20, 80, ehese small-power plasma in addition to a small number of special custom models are basically contact arc cutting; and 100A and above inverter plasma is the use of non-contact cutting (in line please do not look for slugs, here is not said to be high-grade cutting, low-grade cutting is also contact cutting, but the output current is less than 100A), for the outside world high frequency interference is large, some inverter plasma is not high-frequency, just small external interference.

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