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Plasma gas types and diffience

Plasma gas types and difference:
    Oxygen can improve the speed of cutting low-carbon steel materials. When cutting with oxygen, the cutting of plasma cutting are very imaginative, high temperature and high-energy plasma arc makes the cutting faster, but must be combined with the use of high-temperature oxidation electrode, while the electrode when the arc of the impact protection, in order to extend the life of the electrode.

    Hydrogen is usually used as an auxiliary gas to blend with other gases, such as the famous gas H35 (the volume fraction of hydrogen is 35%, the rest of the argon) is one of the most powerful gas in plasma arc cutting capacity, which mainly benefits hydrogen. Because hydrogen can significantly improve the arc voltage, so that the hydrogen plasma jet has a high radon value, when mixed with argon, the cutting capacity of the plasma jet is greatly improved. Generally for the thickness of more than 70mm of metal materials, commonly used as a cutting gas. Higher cutting efficiency can also be achieved by further compressing the plasma arc of nib and hydrogen using a water jet.

    Air contains a volume fraction of about 78% of nitrogen, so the use of air plasma cutting formed by the hanging slag situation and cutting with nitrogen is very imagined; However, when air cutting is used alone, there will be problems such as slag and incision oxidation and nitrogen adding, and the low life of electrodes and nozzles can also affect productivity and cutting costs. Because plasma arc cutting generally uses constant current or steep drop characteristics of the power supply, the nozzle height increases, the current change is very small, but will increase the arc length and lead to an increase in arc voltage, so that the arc power increases; In the case of the combined effect of two factors, the former's effect is often completely offset by the latter, but will make the effective cutting energy reduced, resulting in a reduction in cutting capacity. Usually manifested in the weakening of the blowing force of the cutting jet, the increase in residual slag in the lower part of the incision, the overmelting of the upper edge and the appearance of fillets, etc. In addition, from the plasma jet form consideration, the diameter of the jet after leaving the muzzle is expanding outwards, the increase in nozzle height will inevitably cause the incision width increase. Therefore, the selection of the smallest nozzle height is beneficial to improve the cutting speed and cutting quality, but the nozzle height is too low may cause double arc phenomenon. The nozzle height can be set to zero by using ceramic outer nozzle, i.e. the nozzle end surface is in direct contact with the cut surface, which can achieve good results.

    Nitrogen is a commonly used working gas, in the condition of a higher supply voltage, nitrogen plasma arc has better stability and higher jet energy than argon, even when cutting liquid metal viscosity materials such as stainless steel and nickel-based alloy, the lower edge of the cut of the amount of hanging slag is also very small. Nitrogen can be used alone or mixed with other gases, such as automatic cutting, often using nitrogen or air as a working gas, which has become the standard gas for high-speed cutting of carbon steel. Sometimes nitrogen is also used as an arcing gas when cutting oxygen plasma arcs.

    Argon in high temperature almost no reaction with any metal, argon cnc plasma cutting machine is very stable. And the nozzle stoain used has a high service life with the electrode. However, the voltage of the argon plasma arc is low, the radon value is not high, the cutting capacity is limited, and the thickness of the cutting is reduced by about 25% compared with air cutting. In addition, in argon protection, the surface tension of the melted metal is larger, about 30% higher than in the nitrogen environment, so there will be more slag problems. Even when a mixture of argon and other gases is used for cutting, there is a tendency to slag. As a result, pure argon is rarely used alone for plasma cutting.
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