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What factors affect the price of plasma CNC cutters?

What factors affect the price of plasma CNC cutters?

How much of a Plasma CNC cutting machine? After comparison many users may find that the price of CNC cutting machine of each manufacturer is very different. Cheap of thousands, expensive millions. There are many factors that affect the price of CNC cutters, which can be summed up in the following ways: 

    1.Plasma CNC cutting machine brand: of course, the brand determines the price of equipment, this is a more abstract concept. We can understand this way, large brands, in equipment quality, equipment spare parts, equipment performance, technology including after-sales service, will be much more secure than small factories, these are a value added to the product, but also a general law of the CNC cutting machine market, so the large brand of plasma cutting machine will be higher than the price of small brands. We CNC CUTTER LIMITED already become a important brand in cnc plasma and oxyfuel market.

    2.Machine size: plasma CNC cutting machine manufacturers generally have several specifications of the standard format size, and for the special needs of customers, can also be customized non-standard in line with the customer's size of the machine tool. Standard size is the manufacturer has been making specifications, rather than the standard size needs to be specially tailored, so the customized format is more expensive than the standard frame price. We CNC CUTTER LIMITED
manufacture portable, gantry and table types of machine with different size.

    3.Plasma power generator brand: as we all know, plasma power generator is the most core optical components of CNC cutting machine, CNC cutting machine brand is different, cutting quality is also wide disparity, plasma power generator price also with the brand and there are huge differences. Such as the United States Hypertherm plasma power generator, and domestic plasma power generator is relatively cheaper than imported. At present, imported plasma power generatorins are superior to domestic plasma in terms of stability and cutting quality. CNC CUTTER LIMITED
offer options of plasma generator brands like USA Hypertherm, China Huayuan etc.

    4.CNC cutting machine other key components: other key components such as rails, gear racks, servo motors and so on, their brand and quality, but also lead to price changes. So remind users to buy CNC cutting machine, we must pay attention to see the specific configuration, do not blindly be tempted by low prices.

    5.Power: the same brand of manufacturers, the higher the power of the equipment, the higher the price. Therefore, before the inquiry, must be clear about their own cut materials, thickness, as well as their own cutting speed, capacity requirements. The market is uneven CNC cutting machine brand is many, the price is not the same. So buy CNC cutting machine must find their own positioning, according to their own needs to choose the plasma CNC cutting machine brand, power and so on. More reference, more comparison, find the best device for you.

CNC CUTTER LIMITED supply portable and gantry cnc plasma and flame cutting machine in varity size and configurations.

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